There are several schemes using crystals that offer overunity performance as compared with currently available machines.  One of these is The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (Patent Number 6,362,718).  It uses a nano-crystaline core material in a special transformer wound around a magnet.

Another is my own invention, the Piezo-electromagnetic Scavenger Power Supply

It uses a crystal wafer sandwiched between two toroidal magnets.  It has three coils of wire.  A coil is wrapped around each toroid and a flat spiral coil is placed on top of the crystal wafer between the magnets.  Coils catch the magnetic flux, and the crystal catches the electrical flux.
I discovered Tom Bearden while doing research on Tesla Asymmetrical Technology in 2001.  He had a lot of answers to some vexing problems.  He was a consultant for the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator development team.  His description of the operation of the device inspired me to design the Scavenger power supply.

The Theory section delves into new ideas for generating homemade electricity, radiofrequency therapy, and high efficiency electrolysis of water to liberate oxygen/ hydrogen gasses.
Electronics Theory in use today is in serious need of revision. We are taught only a limited subset of actual "natural" phenomena using simplified equations as if that were all there is.  There is more...

Maxwell never wrote the equations that bear his name. He used Quaternian Algebra, and his twenty equations (not the reduced subset of four vector equations falsely attributed to him) had twenty variables. 

Fully half of the energy equations (the Negative Energy parts) have been discarded, and electical fields and currents (such as Displacement Current on the outside of a conductor) proven to exist by Faraday and Maxwell are considered inconsequential.  Fields exist in flat space-time in our emasculated equations, assuming an inert or even non-existent (aether) medium.  Fact is:  Aether does exist and it is ferocious and violently active curved and curled space-time.

To get free energy, we need only use what we have been wasting and ignoring.  The A field is the electrical stress of the medium that preceeds a magnetic field B.  It curls the medium into a magnetic field behind it as it progresses into space. This A field is completely ignored in the generation of power using conventional technology.  Only the resulting magnetic field is used.

If a substance were added to a generator that reacted to the A field, then more energy could be harvested. Conductors react to moving magnetic fields, dielectrics react to moving electric fields.
Electrolysis is not a perfected art either.  More efficient electrolysis has been demonstrated using multiple frequency pulsed high voltage waveforms as opposed to "brute force" low voltage direct current.  Using this approach in the disassociation of Hydrogen-Oxygen bonds in water yeilds a burnable gas producable "on-the-go".

Crystals are dielectrics with special properties, like piezo, pyro, and ferroelectricity.  Crystals can store electrical fields by distorting mechanically (Piezo) or electrically (Ferro).
Another area of electronics I cannot resist is electrotherapy and RF electrotherapy.  I built a brainwave biofeedback device in the early seventies, and have played with all kinds of medical electronic devices.

I have been exposed to extreme amounts of RF (Radio Frequency).  I think some of it is damaging, some benign, and some (like my kilowatt 80 meter Amplitude Modulated ham radio transmitter) actually made me feel better.  Here are links to several machines I find interesting.



Rife Machine, use your computer.
This is a simplified diagram of the Piezo-Electromagnetic Scavenger Power Supply.  One versed in electronic theory will substitute adjustable multivibrators (555 Timers) and solid state switches for the simple switch.  Not shown is the piezo scavenger circuit, which extracts both mechanical and electric energy from the activity of the magnets and coils.  Also not shown is the battery recharge circuitry, which is influenced by John Bedini.
Nicola Tesla has been my lifelong hero and major influence. What a genius and humanitarian!
We now have available to us a new physics that governments have weaponised and kept secret from the world that could be used to cure all disease and offer the world clean cheap energy and clean up the planet in the process.
Tom Bearden explains a
"Free Energy Generator"

"In ordinary electrical engineering, here is a proven "free energy generator" example.  Just lay a charged capacitor (or electret) across a permanent magnet so that the E-field of the capacitor (or electret) is at right angles to the H-field of the magnet.  That optimizes EXH and therefore represents a maximized free and continuous flow of EM energy extracted directly from the vacuum.  In the Poynting energy flow theory, that anachronism does appear, but it is ignored by mumbling about "static fields" etc. 

By Whittaker 1903 and 1904 decomposition, there is no such thing as a really "static" EM field or potential in the entire universe; any "static" EM field or potential decomposes into bidirectional longitudinal wavepairs in harmonic sets with differential functions imposed on the ensemble.  So a static EM field is rather like a perfect waterfall; it appears "static" in overall form and local energy intensity, but it is comprised of internal parts in continuous motion.

Every charge in the universe also can easily be shown (experimentally) to be steadily pouring out real observable EM energy in all directions in 3-space, without any input of observable EM energy at all.  This problem --- that of the source charge and its associated potentials and fields and their energy, reaching across the universe --- has been ignored for more than a century, and has been almost entirely hidden from the university students.  The reason is that it seriously faults the present electrodynamics model used in electrical engineering.  Either one must totally surrender the conservation of energy law, or else there must be a non-observable input of energy to every charge. The standard model, by ignoring this problem, implicitly assumes that every charge in the universe is a perpetual motion machine, freely creating energy out of nothing at all. 

That of course is untenable; instead, one must turn to particle physics where the problem was solved in 1957.  In the modern view an "isolated" observable charge is surrounded by a clustering swarm of virtual charges of opposite sign.  So the "charge" is actually a dipole, thus exhibiting the broken symmetry of opposite charges proven by Wu et all and certified by the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang.  This conclusively proves that the source charge continuously absorbs virtual photon energy from the active vacuum, coherently integrates that virtual energy into real observable photon energy, and then continuously emits the real, observable photon energy in all directions in 3-space at the speed of light, thereby establishing its fields and potentials and their energy, reaching across the universe.  The fundamental charges in the original matter in the universe have been doing this (absorbing, transducing, and freely emitting EM energy from the vacuum) for some 14 billion years, and no engineer has had to provide the input energy to a single charge yet.

What we have is a situation where the scientific and engineering community continues to use a model in electrical engineering whose foundations are 137 years old, from before the discovery of the electron, the atom, the nucleus, etc. and before relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum electromagnetics, quantum field theory, and most of modern particle physics.  The old EE model assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for many decades in particle physics) and a flat local spacetime (falsified since 1915 by general relativity).  The reason such a horribly antiquated model is still used is so it will continue to guarantee COP<1.0 electrical power systems burning those hydrocarbons, using those nuclear fuel rods, etc.  and thereby enriching the cartels that control the energy resources of the planet (and also continuing to seriously pollute the biosphere, poison and kill off species, contribute to global warming, keep the gas pump meter at the gas pump for your automobile, and keep the electric power meter on your home).  It also keeps many of the poor nations of the world from developing further; all modern economies are based on cheap energy, presently mostly cheap oil.

We must have a change to this situation.  Else the present MidEast situation --- which is obviously on the way to exploding and threatening the critical MidEast oil supplies again --- and the terrorist war now begun will eventually collapse the economies of much of the world's nations, resulting in something like a return to the Dark Ages and also resulting in horrendous loss of human lives.

In all the "alternative" energy proposals, there is only one which will hold up under rigorous scrutiny: the ability to take the electrical energy locally, cheaply, and cleanly from the local vacuum. "

Tom Bearden

Richard Feynman is another major influence on my thoughts.
E = mc² isn't the whole equation.  That is the equation assuming the mass is at rest in the frame.  The whole equation is E² = m²c²c²+p²c².  The extra part of the equation involves the momentum of the mass.  Without the whole equation you can't explain why energies are attracted gravitationally to objects or why a photon (which doesn't have a mass) behaves the way it does.
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Reproduction of Ancient Greek Cat Fur and Amber Electrical Generator.  Disks counter-rotate to generate an electric charge, which is collected on the gold strips.  It generates visible electric sparks.