Jon S. Blackmon, Electronics Consultant
Hewlett-Packard STAR
Certified NetServer Professional
FCC Certified:  Radio, Television, & RADAR
Network Webmaster,

HC70 Box 205
Terlingua, TX  79852
(432) 371-3031

Red Rock residence:
149 Red Rock Ranch Road
Red Rock, Tx  78662
(830) 839-4020

Webmaster, Eagle Webula Homestead Network, Red Rock & Terlingua, TX.  2009 - Present
Build and maintain custom Internet web sites.  Have constructed seventy-eight interlinked network sites in two years.  Publish the Terlingua Moon Online every week.  Update many sites daily.

Electronics Consultant, Electronic Systems Services, Bardwell & Red Rock, TX 1998 – 2009
Designed, documented and built electro-hydraulic controllers for Dorsal Services “Skipjack” automated tubing (oil well drilling pipe) handlers. 

Designed Digital Instrument Guitar System (DigS), Wireless Instrument Digital Interface System (WiDis) and Ultra Wide Band Musical Instrument Interface for Wireless Instrument Music Systems Intermational. 

Consulted with Dell Computer Power Conversion Lab for Tyrex Technical Services. Tested and modified motherboard CPU power supplies using Intel VRM 10 & 11 specifications. 

Designed digital and analog telephone interfaces and converters using OrCAD for MRA Technologies, Vista Com and Dynametric. Provided technical support and field-engineering services for Mercom, Stancil RACAL and Eventide networked digital recorders.  Wrote theory of operation, operator manuals, technical and engineering documents.

Peripheral Technician, CPR+more, Inc., DeSoto, TX      1997-1998
HP STAR, NetServer Professional, Vectra computer and color LASER printer certifications by Hewlett-Packard. 

Macs Delivery, Dallas, TX  1995-1997 (Contract)
Setup and maintained inventory for SBC Corp. Technical Training Dept.

Technical Consultant, CETis 98, Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico.  1994 to 1995
Taught English, Visual BASIC programming and computer virus control (in Spanish) at a public technological school (CETis 98). Edited and electronically typeset La Prensa Libre, a weekly Spanish language newspaper. 

Industrial Electrician, Globe Products, Ennis, TX  1993 to 1994
Designed, built, and programmed in Visual BASIC a network of computers to gather data from transfer presses, display that data in real time, and make daily management reports with graphs.  Designed and built a unique serial computer interface to the transfer presses.  Wrote and desktop published software & operator manuals.

Staff Consultant, Structured Software Solutions, Plano, TX  1990 to 1992
Wrote and desktop published courseware and maintenance manuals for the ElectroCom Automation Advanced Facer-Canceler System and the Multi-line Optical Character Recognition mail sorting systems. Taught classroom and laboratory lessons on computer controlled mail sorting equipment and database management.

Associate Engineer, Scientific Communications, Garland, TX  1985 to 1989
Built and tested analog and digital engineering prototypes of computer controlled short wave and microwave radio/RADAR surveillance systems, signal processors, recognizers, and telecommunications interfaces. Programmed in Ada, BASIC, machine language, and Assembler. Wrote operator handbooks, theory of operation manuals, alignment test procedures and engineering changes. Specialized in IBM, Macintosh and Atari personal computers

Instructor, Southwest School of Electronics, Austin, TX  1981 to 1984

Senior Field Engineer, Storage Technology, Memorex, National Advanced Systems, Calcomp and Datagraphix, Austin, TX 1969 to 1984


Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Military Police Corps, Texas State Guard, Dec. 18, 1979
Served as Executive Officer for Texas State Guard unit in Lockhart, TX.  1979-1984
Participated in Training exercises, Hurricane Allen Evacuation, Honor Guard in Lockhart Parade.

RADAR Electronics Technician Second Class, U.S. Naval Reserve.  1965 to 1968
Leading Electronics Technician on two Destroyers in combat during Vietnam War. Installed and repaired RADAR systems, radio transmitters, receivers, IFF, ECM & cryptographic machines. Secret Clearance with Crypto endorsement. Trained Space Capsule Recovery Diver.

Professional Awards:

*  Commendations from Captain of U.S.S. Haynesworth
*  Commendations from Electronic Warfare Officer, U.S.S. Sproston.
*  Special Recognition letter from California Computer Products (Calcomp)
*  Special Recognition Award from Southwest School of Electronics.
*  Honorarium from Southwest School of Electronics.
*  Special Recognition letters from Receivers & Systems Divisions, SciComm.
*  Special Recognition letter from Capitol National Bank
*  Special Recognition letter from Fire Chief, Shreveport Fire Department


*  RACAL Digital Recording Systems
*  Mercom Digital Recording Systems 
*  Hewlett Packard NetServer Professional
*  Hewlett Packard Vectra Computer Systems, LaserJet and DeskJet Printers
*  ElectroCom Automation Advanced Facer-Canceler System
*  Dell Computer Systems Technical Support
*  Instructor Certified by National Association of Trade & Technical Schools
*  Memorex Disk, Tape, and Computer Systems
*  Storage Technology Disk and Tape Systems
*  Itel Disk, Tape, and computer memory systems
*  Calcomp Disk, Tape, and Plotter Systems
*  FCC First Class Radiotelephone License with RADAR endorsement
*  FCC Second Class Radiotelegraph License with Ship RADAR endorsement


2000:  RACAL Digital Recorder Systems, Plano, TX
1999:  Mercom Digital Recorder Technical Support Training, Lyndhurst, NJ
1997:  LaserJet, Vectra Computer Maintenance and Repair, Hewlett-Packard
1995:  Seminar on Building Adobe Vaults & Domes, Southwest SolorAdobe
1994:  Sales Force Automation Seminar, G.E. Information Services, Rockville
1992:  Technical Support Training, Dell Computer Co., Austin, TX
1990:  Instructional Dynamics, Dr. Wircenski, University of North Texas
1990:  Advanced Facer-Canceler System, ElectroCom Automation, Arlington
1987:  Ada Programming Language course, Richland College
1985:  Storage Technology 8880 Disk System, Lewisville, CO
1983:  Memorex Customer Management course, Fujitsu 326X Tape System
1982:  Memorex 1270 Telecommunications Controller
1982:  Radio and Television Theory, Southwest School of Electronics
1981:  Memorex 365X Disk System
1980:  Memorex 367X Disk System
1979:  Itel Customer Relations Seminar, & Telex Tape System
1974:  Itel course for ISS Disk Systems
1973:  Calcomp 1030/230 Disk Memory System
1971:  Calcomp DS-12 Disk Memory System
1970:  Calcomp CD12/14 Disk Memory System
1969:  Calcomp CD-1 Disk Memory System, Punchmaster Key Entry System
1968:  Datagraphix 4360, 4020 and 4440 Maintenance courses
1967:  Naval KW-7 Cryptographic School
1966:  Naval Electronics, Identify Friend or Foe, and Transistor schools
1965:  University of Arkansas
1964:  Carlsbad Senior High School, Carlsbad, NM

Design, build, repair, program, document, and teach electronic and complex electromechanical systems.  Specialize in Internet web sites, wireless computer networks, power conversion and digital/analog telephone system interfaces. 
I built this at the Scientific Communications Research and Development Laboratory.