2006  WIDIS  Wireless Instrument Digital Interface System
1989 - 1984  SciComm Research and Development Laboratory

SCR-2800  RADAR Intercept Receiver
SCP-2160  Pulse Analyzer

2007  Dorsal, Inc. "Skipjack" Controller
2008- Present -  Project Eagle Webula

Designer and Webmaster for seventy-six interlinked World Wide Web sites:
2005  Dell Computer Power Supply Laboratory  (This project is classified company confidential)
2003  Dynametric Project 7 (This project is classified company confidential)
2002  MRA Technologies Autoanswer Speakerphone and Beeper
2001  MRA Technologies Tapper

Piezoelectromagnetic Scavenger Power Supply
2000  Vista Com T1 Digital to Analog Converter
1997- 1999  Vista Com D/A Converters
1996  CPR + More
1995  Adobe School and project in Ojinaga, Mexico
1993 - 1994  SBC Technical Training  Dept
1990 - 1992  Advanced Facer Canceler System, U.S. Postal Service
Examples of present and past endeavors
1981 to 1984  Instructor, Southwest School of Electronics, Austin, TX 
Taught evening radio and television classes.

1984 to 1969  Senior Field Engineer
Storage Technology
National Advanced Systems

I hand built this prototype and programmed the display for this photo. 

I also programmed a Macintosh computer software simulator as a sales aid and engineering tool.
Simplified drawing