Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Hanauma Bay, Hawaii
Subic Bay, Philipines
Pago Pago, American Samoa
Miami Beach, Fla

Trusty Shellback Initiation 1967

Apollo II Space Capsule Recovery Diver - Trained by SEALs at the Submarine Base in Pearl Harbor.  The Capsule landed within range of the primary recovery ship, so I missed my chance at fame...

PADI Certified Open Water SCUBA Diver in 1987
Free Dives (Snorkel)SCUBA Dives
Ambergris Caye, Belize
Cozumel, Mexico
Lake Travis, Texas
Belize DiveTrip, 1992
Underwater diving has brought me many thrills and adventures around the world.  I could swim as far back as I can remember, and "jumped in" at every opportunity.
While stationed in Pearl Harbor, I snorkeled and spearfished in Hanauma Bay.  It is a marine life preserve now, no more fishing, but the diving is still fantastic!