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Here you will find my unique story and explore with me my lifelong interests and current pursuit of happiness.
RADAR Electronics Technician Third Class,
USS Sproston DD577, before 1967 Viet-Nam Cruise.
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Mr. Dudley was  my best friend, may he rest in peace.
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My brother "Dr. Doug" is a noted borderline mental therapist in the ghost town of Terlingua, TX., famous for his daily group therapy sessions on the porch. Here is a link to his website:

Email Dr. Doug at:

Gale Carrington, my sister, upon leaving Las Vegas. Her website is here:
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In the upper left of the page are buttons for quick navigation to other pages. Services offered and available can be found either there or in underlined hyperlinks like this.  My Curriculum Vita, or Resume, is another example.

The Projects button takes you to examples of past endeavors, like the wireless digital guitar and the SCC-2800 Simulator (which was one of the first attempts at a software defined radio).

PowerPoints are presentations I made through the years on various subjects such as Pulsed Plasma Ignition, Ultrasonic Fuel Injection, Ferroelectricity and Developing the Red Rock Community.

I became intrigued with electricity at the age of 12, and built many projects from science kits using my paper route money.  I worked hard as a paper boy, and was District Leader in 1954.

My first Ham Radio was converted WWII tank and airplane radios I cobbled together at age 15.  My novice call sign was WN5CLS in 1961.  I was President of Pecos High School Radio Club and K6NCG, the "Radio Shack" on Treasure Island.  My current Amateur Extra Class call sign is K5VA, shortwave and microwave radio stations are located in Red Rock, Texas.

While the five decade long study and practice of Electronics Technology continues to be my main pursuit, I have attained some level of expertise in other areas as well. Underwater Diving has brought me many thrills and adventures around the world.  I could swim as far back as I can remember, and "jumped in" at every opportunity.  I was trained as an Apollo II Space Capsule Recovery Diver, and later certified PADI Open Water SCUBA Diver.

Music and electronic synthesizers (musical keyboards) have fascinated me since my first Hammond Organ in 1978.  I think my best song is "Three From Terlingua", written in 1982.

The Theory section delves into new ideas for generating homemade electricity, radio frequency therapy, and high efficiency electrolysis of water to liberate oxygen/ hydrogen gasses.

The Military section recalls eleven years of service to my country and state.  I was a sailor in the Navy in the Vietnam War, and an Officer in the Texas State Guard.

My attempt at cosmic consciousness can be seen in my book, "Understanding Nothing".

"Any movement of space anywhere causes a ripple that propagates throughout all of space, since the void is continuously connected at the quantum level.  All of space must (eventually) move when any part of it moves.  When space moves it becomes space-time.  Once space-time begins to move it will move forever, since there is no viscosity or resistance to spatial displacement, and nothing to stop it."

Charlie Barnes and I happened to be wearing the same style T-Shirts one November day, so we had to buy each other a beer!
Views from my balcony
Ken Barnes, World Famous Self Made Paleontologist and Geologist, lives here
In 1995 I went to Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico, and studied Adobe architecture as practiced by Jim Adams, who was a student of Hassan Fathy.  This Master Architect was interested in affordable buildings using ancient technology, buildings with vaulted ceilings and domes using only mud bricks and mortar.  Here is a video from the Hassan Fathy Museum.
E = mc² isn't the whole equation.  That is the equation assuming the mass is at rest in the frame.  The whole equation is E² = m²c²c²+p²c².  The extra part of the equation involves the momentum of the mass.  Without the whole equation you can't explain why energies are attracted gravitationally to objects or why a photon (which doesn't have a mass) behaves the way it does.
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